LED Lighting is Energy Efficient and the Technology is Out of this World

In the future hopefully mankind will save energy by using more LED Lighting. You see, LED Lighting is Energy Efficient and the technology is out of this World. Why make such a bold statement of facts and make Thomas Edison with his tungsten look so awfully antiquated?

Oh I have been studying LED lighting, vibrational energy exploits and considered ideas to take those shake-able flashlights and make giants walls with copper pieces inside tiny tubes with ends covered with taunt material to take the vibrational energy of aircraft carriers, stadiums, factories and power up the lighting and low wattage LED circuit boards if interested.

Indeed, I along with the Online Think Tank that I run have considered about 20 really workable applications from night lights for canoes and sailboats to emergency lighting and even ISS lighting from vibrational energies of motors using noise canceling technologies too.

Yes, with all due respect, I think Edison was on the right track and so it is time to take this to the next level but we are going to need some real thinkers in the future and education and teaching little humans to think is going to be the maker or breaker of such future technologies, I believe.

It really is that serious and home schooling and competition in education might be the leverage we need to see our future unfold and take us to the next step. Thinking out loud, a bit of subject, but in reality all knowledge is interconnected. Well, I sure hope this article is of interest and that it will propel thought into 2007.