Using Microfiber Cloths for Car Detailing

Microfiber is a very practical cleaning material that is common in a wide range of industries. It is made from man-made materials like finely woven polyamide and polyester fibers. The fine polyamide is appreciated for its ability to create a great softness, while the polyester helps to provide its strength and durability. By combining these materials, it is possible to create something that is able to easily stand up to hard-wearing use and a great option for waxing or detailing a car.

There are several types of microfiber cloths, pads and mitts that can be used in the process of giving the car a very good clean. Here are a few of the different options:

General purpose

The most common type of cloth is created with a standard terry cloth weave that is a combination of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. This is a great all-purpose option and useful for wiping leather, plastic, vinyl, glass and paint. Also, it helps to have a relatively good thickness for this cloth.

Glass and polishing

The preferred cloth for a lot of glass cleaning and polishing work is certain to be 100% lint free. It will have short naps compared to the general cloth, but must still offer sufficient scrubbing power. This cloth must be able to remove streaks or other marks left by water. Also, a microfiber cloth with no edge is a great choice because it will minimize the risk of scratching a delicate surface.


The preferred options for drying include the microfiber cloths with a waffle or terry cloth weave. Cloths with a very short terry loop are practical for drying. It is best to avoid cloths with a plush, heavy nap because it will be difficult to wring out in the event of getting wet. The waffle and terry cloth are both great at absorbing water, but the waffle pattern is just a little more effective at holding water longer to limit the number of times it becomes necessary to wring the cloth out.


The microfiber options for cleaning have a very course and tight nap with strands that aren’t split. This type of cloth isn’t intended to give the most reliable option when it comes to soaking up water. It should be used for basic janitorial work and not the fine car detailing steps. A few of the good options include the polishing and waffle weave cloths for this work.

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Korean Folk Songs

The music of Korea is over 1000 years old. Isang Yun – a musician teaching in Berlin included Korean songs in his course which was later brought back to Korea. Like all other strong influences, war definitely had its impact on Korean music. Korean music is mostly influenced by shamanistic and Buddhist thoughts. The dance, drum and the sinawi dance music is clearly evident in folk music.

The Dongbu folk songs are unique in various areas and are typical about the styles. The songs from the Jeolla and chungcheong area are known as Namdo folk songs. They are full of drama and the collections are tasteful. The Pansori and the Sanjo were created out of Namdo music. The music of Jeju from Jeju Island is simple and rich in their compositions. The Pansori is actually a one man show which involves dialogues, enactment, dance and a drummer assists with the rhythm for the singer. The Pansori is done at a stretch for eight hours. It is actually required to make the voice hoarse by shouting, so as to become a Pansori singer. The props include a handkerchief and fan.

A troupe of thirty musicians performs the Nongak. The Sanjo is a tempo based playing which accelerates and moves to a high tempo. The musical instruments of Korea include Kayagum which can be played in the solo style, duet and as a group of three. The instrument has to be placed on the lap with the tail on the ground level. Tanso is the wind instrument and played along with the flute. The original bamboo of Tanso is now replaced by resin. The sound produced is pure melody. Yanggum is made of bamboo and is a string instrument almost as big as a piano. The fourteen keys which is now increased to the count of twenty six keys. Most of the string instruments of Korea in the contemporary folk times are made of silken threads.

There are bowed, plucked and struck varieties in the folk string instruments that encompass the Geum, Bipa, Sohaegeum and Yangguem. There are flutes, horns and oboes and mouth organs and also the jeok, so, Hwa, Dae piri and Nagak in the wind instrument folk variety. There are other chimes, gongs and cymbals of various varieties in the percussion musical instruments. Folk songs are still evident in the villages. Rituals, ceremonies and festivals mark the occasion with traditional Korean folk’s songs. Though a evolution is also seen in the making of musical instruments, traditional Korean folk songs bring pure melody.

IRA Investment – Investing IRA Options

Advanced Allowable IRA Investments

Statistics have revealed that at the end of 2001, 42% of U.S. households had an IRA account. The total value of these accounts was $2.4 trillion. The wealth from these Traditional IRA accounts constituted almost half of all financial assets for the households involved. Due to the downfall of the economy and the poor results of the stock market over the past few years, $5 trillion has been lost. Much of this money was retirement money that was in Traditional IRA accounts. Now, IRA owners are desperately searching for other means of investing their IRA funds. By investing in other options besides typical stocks, bonds and mutual funds, these individuals have managed to begin building their retirement plans again because making money through any investment vehicle is the purpose of any Roth IRA.

Is Real Estate in your IRA the Solution?

Real estate is one of those possible investments. The Roth IRA rules and simple IRA rules regarding investments in real estate are complex, but the rewards from such investments can be huge. Many people have the wrong concept of their IRA retirement account. They believe these accounts must be offered by an insurance company, a bank or a brokerage house. This is not true. While the IRA does require a large institution to act as a trustee, it should be remembered that the IRA itself is merely a trust that is given tax benefits. These tax benefits are available as long as the trust contains provisions. So, basically, an IRA is nothing more than a trust that must conform to certain conditions.

IRA accounts must meet specific requirements. All contributions must be in cash. The only exception to this is if a contribution is a rollover of another account. Be sure you are aware of the IRA contribution limits. Presently, an individual under the age of 55 can contribute $5,000 per year. Over 55, the limit is $6,000. The trustee of the account must be a bank or another individual who has demonstrated they will administer the trust with all the requirements. In no way can any part of the trust funds be invested in a life insurance contract. All interest that is gained is non-forfeitable. All assets that are in the account must not be mixed with other property. The exception to this is when a common trust fund or common investment fund is involved. As long as there requirements are met, the IRA account can do anything that a trust can do.

Your IRA account can be invested in many ways. Aside from stocks and bonds, you may invest in the start-up of a business, real estate, tax lien certificates and investing in a limited partnership. These are only a few ways in which your funds can be invested. In short, the only things that you cannot invest in with the funds from the IRA account are life insurance and collectibles.

Now that you know what investments are not allowed, let’s take a look at what is allowed. IRA account funds can be invested in trust deeds, the mortgage of the IRA owner, loans made to private corporations and real estate. There are many more, but before you take further steps to invest your IRA funds; it is advised that you consult with your CPA or contact Estate Street Partners to make sure the possible investments are not prohibited.